Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Assalamualaikum WBT. Hey peeps! :*

How are you? Me? Ohh, I'm very very very fine. First of all, I want to show you something! Actually, I want to show it last month. But, I'm very busy. Well, PMR candidate right? HEHE. Hope you enjoy this video okay.

You like it? Interesting isn't it? Do you know what is the title? Maybe some of you didn't know it. So, I'll tell you kay. Upin Ipin - Temptation. That was for English Day presentation. Okay, let me introduce you our actor and actress.

Upin : Muhammad Haqimie
Ipin : Muhammad Zahir
Jarjit : Ahmad Azhan Syukri
Mail : Muhammad Nur Shaiqal
Mei Mei : Nur Syamimi
Kak Ros : ME!
Opah : Nur Safwanah Syuhaidah
Narrator : Ahmad Syakir Syahmi and Nur Farrah Adlina

Okay, now I want to tell you one thing. I rarely post entry in this blog because I have a new blog. You're welcome to my new blog. CLICK THIS. Okay that's all. So, see you again. Byebye muah :*