Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Busiest Week Ever


This week im not going to share health information to you, but i'll share about my life along this week. The saddest part is i'm losing my 2 favorite teachers; Cikgu Masri my bahasa melayu teacher and Cikgu Sadini my addmath teacher. If you ask me what did i feel when i knew that, and my answer is "i hate ppd. because of them i lost my teachers". I think its a normal answer for every student, am i right? But, i accept it. "REDHA DENGAN KETENTUAN ALLAH". Maybe Allah had planned the best for them, for me and my classmates as well cos Allah is the best planner and no one can defeat Allah. I dont think and i dont even want these will be our last pictures, cikgu :) 

Gonna miss this moment. Gonna miss you cikgu. Gonna miss this havocness. Gonna miss everything.

Well, i am really sure these wont be the last for us. I wont ever forget you cikgu. Hikhik sodehhhhhhh. Dont ever forget us Papa Dini. We always love you. And please always love us. Hahaha 

As you know, these 3 weeks i've been very busy with solar boat. Alhamdulillah we got third place. Hehew our tiredness have been paid today. Never expect we would won the third place because this is first experience for competition like this. Thank you to teacher cheq and sir arip. Hehe

Because we're happy to death.

Hasil titik peluh semua stay back dekat sekolah sampai petang. Tahniah :)


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